What can you expect from the conference?

The IFSW EUROPEAN SOCIAL WORK CONFERENCE is the leading event for sharing innovations, building professional communities, promoting systemic approaches and perspectives, and collaborating to advance diversity, inclusion, and innovation in social work.
The conference brings together social workers and related professionals, academics, educators, students, researchers, policymakers, managers of social services and institutions relevant to social work and service users.
We will provide you with an opportunity for boosting professional development, making new connections and expanding your network and sharing your practice and professional experiences.
This is a great place to build meaningful relationships with other professionals and learn about relevant practice-related and research topics.
Throughout the conference, attendees will explore emerging research trends, share practices, and join a network of colleagues committed to advancing our shared goals in social work practice, social work education and social work research.
We are preparing for you a diverse and comprehensive conference program:



Keynote speakers that inspire you!



A number of symposiums are being prepared for in-person participants in Prague. A recording will be available for online attendees. These events include discussions with a small group of social workers, professionals in different fields, educators, and leaders in social work. They will come together to discuss a specific topic or the latest developments in a specific field of social work and community development. As a result of these discussions, solutions and recommendations for the next step can be developed. In addition, they can stimulate others to seek further knowledge and findings in specific areas of social work.
The audience rooms have a capacity of 120 people. Participants will be invited to contribute to the discussion by asking questions and making comments.


As part of the conference program, we offer both in-person workshops (for attendees onsite in Prague) and online workshops (for attendees online). Workshops are effective for brainstorming, interactive learning, building relationships, and problem-solving. In this 90 minutes workshop, participants will learn practical methods, techniques, approaches, and case studies, and engage in discussions to develop their skills.

If you wish to participate in a workshop, you can either listen to one or hold one yourself.

The audience rooms have a capacity of up to 45 people.

Paper Presentations

As part of the conference program, we offer both in-person presentations (for attendees onsite in Prague) and online presentations (for attendees online). Presentations of papers are formal talks delivered to an audience about research the speaker has conducted. The goal of a paper presentation is to share relevant information with others in the field and to receive feedback on the work. Each paper presentation will be a maximum of 12 minutes in length and will be followed by a brief question-and-answer period of approximately 3 minutes.
If you wish to participate, you can either listen to one or hold one yourself.
The audience rooms have a capacity of 20-60 people.

Dislocated Seminars

Dislocated seminars provide an interactive way to learn and gain new skills to take home with you and share your learning experiences with management, colleagues, and other professionals.
It allows you to study, meet new colleagues from social services in Prague, and reshape your views and values by experiencing a different culture of work in social services.
Apart from the benefit of experiencing a working environment, it can also be satisfying to be in a different learning environment. It is eye-opening to experience a working culture that is different from your own!
In Prague, we will offer you a selection of dislocated seminars. You can choose the event you want to attend at the registration desk.

Networking spaces

From our previous conferences, we learned that networking is an activity that you find most enjoyable during a conference. Conferences allow our participants to stay up-to-date on news and trends in their fields and the global social work field. Hence, we have prepared networking spaces where you will meet colleagues from all over the world.

A cup of coffee, tea, or lunch with friends and colleagues

We know that coffee, tea, and lunchtime are significant in our social landscape. Coffee and lunch bring people together and build a friendly atmosphere. We have prepared a number of coffee welcomes and breaks on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Also, we prepared lunch for you on Monday. On Tuesday we have prepared for you dislocated seminars and paper presentations, so you can organize your own lunch with conference friends and colleagues. These breaks will enable you to meet your friends and catch up with them or form new professional connections.

Conference Dinner 

The Conference Dinner is designed to serve as a networking occasion. It offers you an excellent chance to enjoy delicious food in a relaxed setting while getting to know each other and making new connections outside the main conference environment.
Due to a limited number of spaces, please book early in order to avoid disappointment.