Dislocated Seminar: The Centre for Social Services Prague (CSSP)
May 22, 2023 –Monday 14:00 – 17.30
Capacity: 15 people
Registration for the displaced seminar will begin at 9.00 am on Monday, May 22, 2023, at the conference registration desk.

More Information
The Centre for Social Services Prague (CSSP) is a contributory organisation of the capital city of Prague, which provides mainly social, but also health, information, and educational services to the inhabitants of Prague. The services provided include, among others, services for homeless people, people in social and economic distress, in housing need, in psychological crisis or mentally ill, victims of domestic violence, returnees from prison, as well as families and individuals who need counselling in a difficult family situation or personal life. We operate, among other things, shelter homes, outreach programs, crisis and intervention services, counselling centres, and a whole range of other services. In addition to that, the CSSP is a coordinator and provider of humanitarian measures, especially in winter for homeless people, but also in other crisis situations.
The CSSP cooperates intensively with the City Council of the capital city of Prague and other important partners, such as social and health service providers, including hospitals and ambulance services, but also schools and educational institutions, etc. The CSSP is an important part of the social policies of the capital city of Prague, and it participates in the preparation of strategic documents and proposals for measures to improve the social situation of citizens of Prague.
LINK: https://www.csspraha.cz/eng

About Dislocated Seminar
Dislocated seminars allow you to visit social services in Prague, and reshape your views and values by experiencing a different culture of work in social services. 
Dislocated seminars provide an interactive way to learn and gain new skills to take home with you and share your learning experiences with management, colleagues, and other professionals.