CONFERENCE THEME: Against all Odds – A Social Europe is Possible Where Nobody is Left Behind!
Czech social work with IFSW is inviting you to Prague to meet you, inspire you, share with you, and learn and reinforce each other.
In these challenging times, it is more than ever important to meet and discuss face-to-face.
We all change Europe together.
Pavel Pěnkava – Předseda Společnosti sociálních pracovníků ČR
Česká sociální práce s IFSW Europe vás zve do Prahy se, seznamovat, inspirovat, navzájem, učit a posilovat. Společně měníme Evropu.
V těchto náročných časech je více než kdy jindy důležité setkat se a diskutovat tváří v tvář.
Evropu měníme všichni společně.
Pavel Pěnkava – Předseda Společnosti sociálních pracovníků ČR

What can you expect from the conference?


War, violence, terror, and propaganda are only a few of the tools that are used to sow discord, hate, and incitement. The politicians and extremists have no regard for the damage to innocent civilians,

How does social work respond to this?

The neoliberal economic system and democracy are incompatible. The laws and regulations necessary to protect the weaker parts of society are not recognized by a system that propagates the free and unimpeded market as the supreme authority.

How does social work respond to this?

Our planet’s resources are running out exploitation and greed has led us to an abyss that demands a radical change. At the same time, wealth is limited to a small elite, while the masses of the population are progressively impoverished.

How does social work respond to this?

Technical developments have not only brought us improvements in our lives but also led to increased governmental surveillance.

How can social work respond to this?

Social work has answers.

The foundation of professional social work is fundamental values ​​and ethical principles. These determine our actions and enable the answers to the current challenges.

Based on their experience and qualifications, social workers develop solutions for a successful life and are advocates for the users of social services.

We invite you to explore with us the causes of global dysfunction, its impact on local problems, and the answers of social work in exchanges with colleagues.

Even if visions and ideas are attacked and dismantled, we – as social workers – are still convinced that a social Europe is possible where nobody is left behind!


September 10, 2022: Call for abstracts opens

September 10, 2022: Registration opens

February 28, 2023: Call for abstracts (In-person attendance) closes.

March 30, 2023: Call for abstracts (Online attendance) closes.

March 15, 2023: Early Registration closes, late Registration Start

May 21, 2023: Conference opening

You might remember the last European Social Work Conference held IN-PERSON in Vienna in 2019


Enjoy the City.