Manal AlMannai (Ehsan Center for the elderly)

(Qatar )

Topic:  Active Aging: Empowering the elderly through EHSAN clubs
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The State of Qatar has adopted care services for the elderly based on the expected increase in their numbers, where the idea of clubs for the elderly began in May (2013), in cooperation with ministries , and private agencies such as youth centers and public parks in residential neighborhoods. 

The EHSAN clubs aim to renew activity and revitalize the elderly and integrating them into society, through the provision of social, psychological, cultural and technological programs, training and empowerment workshops. It also provided them with the opportunity to practice some craft and technical work to develop elderly skills and occupy their leisure time . 

This idea was reflected positively on their experiences , developed their skills and provided the opportunity for them to cooperate with other stockholders. 

The EHSAN clubs enabled elderly to highlight their hobbies and giving feeling. It also enhanced solidarity and communication between generations . 

Beneficiary Category: 

  • • Age groups 50 years and above of both genders (rehabilitation). 
  • Age groups 60 years and above of both genders 

The program aims to: 

  • • Rebuild the bonds of social cohesion and integrate different social groups with the elderly. 
  • Occupy elderly leisure time in a beneficial way and benefit from their experience and skills. 
  • Provide an opportunity for the elderly to cooperate among themselves and practice their hobbies and in a productive way. 
  • Provide consultancy in various areas, including health, nutritional, psychological and social areas. 
  • • Instill the principles of voluntary work in the Qatari society. 
  • • Enabling the elderly to perform daily activities independently. 
  • Activating the developmental role of the elderly in society and benefiting from their experiences. 
  • Working on integrating the elderly with individuals and different groups in the society. 
  • Activating the true partnership between civil society institutions and the private sector with the ministries and government institutions. 
  • Organizing activities that improve cognitive functions and stimulate memory. 
  • Maintaining Elderly mental and physical health.