Katarína Sedlárová (Specialista pro přípravu vzdělávacího programu CM)

(Czech Republic)

Michaela Šímová, metodička case managementu, Lenka Josková, case manažerka
Topic: Case Management as one of the Strategies for Supporting Integrated Care in the Czech Republic
Language: English 


Integrated care is one of the key prerequisites to dignified aging. For many years, the European commission has been drawing attention to demographic changes and, with them, the increasing needs for integrated care and better coordination of services. In the context of these demographic changes and the social-health limits, which frame the debate on integrated care in the Czech Republic, it is necessary to look for solutions that respond to these demographic changes, but at the same time are well aware of potential barriers in the system. One of the effective ways to achieve this goal is Case Management which, as a professional method of social work improves the quality of life of seniors and family caregivers, delays the time of institutionalization, leads to better use of resources and reductions in not indicated hospitalizations. In practice, it turns out that the potential element to create a communicating and collaborative environment (at the local or regional level) is the coordinator, or Case Manager. This emphasizes the systematic cooperation of multiple providers and accompanies the client (and close persons) with acute, follow-up, long-term and community care. From our research findings and analysis, it follows that the implementation of Case Management into the Czech environment faces many barriers and a fragmented view of Case Management. For this reason, the organisation Sue Ryder decided to create a comprehensive educational program especially for social workers, which will enable them to learn about Case Management in its complexity and use it in their work with seniors.