Overson Musopero (Advances Alumni)


Topic: Social Work Entrepreneurship: Why is it Needed and What Promises Does It Hold for International Social Work

Language: English 


Although entrepreneurship was originally inclined to economics, business and other fields, it is gaining more appreciation in the discipline of social sciences including the social work profession (Chaudhary et al, 2022). The discussions of entrepreneurship in social work have been gradually increasing in recent years (Nandan and Scott, 2013). Social workers employed in various fields of practice and at different systemic levels are realising the importance of entrepreneurial thinking and of creating shared economic and social values (Singh, 2016). In various literature and researches, social work entrepreneurship is viewed as a necessity to address the current social problems. With the emergence of multifaceted, wicked and complex social problems currently faced around the world researchers, like (Mouro, 2006) recommended that social work is being confronted by an extreme need to rethink and redefine itself through the adoption and utilisation of social work entrepreneurship. Globally, there are new emerging challenges and changes due to globalization, economic changes and welfare policy dynamics (Tan, 2004). Due to these global uncertainties, there is funding crisis, decreased welfare spending and increased social work services demand. In such circumstance, Germak and Singh (2009) argue that social work entrepreneurship could potentially bring sustainable solutions, improve the quality and extend the reach of social work services. In this respect, it is very crucial to have a deep understanding on why social work entrepreneurship is needed as well as the promises that it holds for the international social work practices.