Ms Louise Faulkner, TTLAAC Team Manager and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Certified Practitioner, DDP PACE Trainer and Supervisor, BA Hons, DipSW, MSW, BASW

Mrs Amy Stitt, TTLAAC Associate Psychologist, BSC, MSC

Topic:  Foundations for Attachment (FFA) Therapeutic Parenting, Group Work Programme, based on the principles of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, DDP. (Hughes, 2012 & Golding, 2017)

Language: English 


A Summary of the Implementation, Outcomes and Next Steps in a Therapeutic Team for Looked After and Adopted Children (TTLAAC) in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust based in Northern Ireland. Followed by an experiential, and DDP informed  workshop and reflective session for participants.