Michael Rasell (University of Innsbruck, Austria), Adela Șetet (CFCECAS, Romania)

Topic: Beyond participation: increasing the responsiveness of social services to input from service users

Language: English 


This workshop explores how feedback from service users can shape social services. It is framed around the concept of social services being ‘responsive’ to input from service users, meaning that they are listen to and make concrete changes as the result of feedback. The idea of ‘responsiveness’ extends concepts of ‘participation’, ‘co-creation’, ‘co-production’ and ‘co-construction’ by placing clear responsibility on social services to change in line with feedback from service users.

The workshop will be interactive and informal with small group activities to encourage reflection on what a ‘responsive’ social service looks like and the conditions needed for service user input to lead to changes in organisations. Participants will be encouraged to exchange their experiences of how feedback from service users is used within their organisations.

This event is connected to the Horizon Europe project ‘Increasing responsiveness of social services to citizen voice across Europe’, which runs from 2023-2025 with IFSW Europe as a key partner. The workshop will include information about ways to get involved in the project and the tools for social services that will be created.

If you want to share ideas, reflect together with us and influence a new way that social service users can shape social services, join us.