Binahayati Rusyidi (Universitas Padjadjaran)


Stroma Cole, Paula Tallman, Gabriela Salmon-Mulanovich, & Rudi S. Darwis
Topic: Green social work teaching in Indonesia: an exploratory study
Language: English 


Most existing studies about the application of environmental-focused social work education and practice are coming from developed-region contexts. This qualitative study explores the perspective about green social work and its implementation at undergraduate social work programs from a developing country; Indonesia. On one side, Indonesia has been facing substantial challenges with regards to environmental degradation, ecological injustice, and natural disasters and on the other side the recognition for the social work profession in this country is just recently emerging. Forty-five informants that consist of the head of programs and lecturers from 12 private and public universities located in western, middle and eastern Indonesia participated in the study. Data were collected through 5 online group interviews and several telephone interviews. The study found that: 1) While sharing some similarities, each region faces its unique environmental issues that affect people’s well-being; 2) Most institutions have previously included environmental-related aspects into the teaching of social work with limited contents and outcome learning; 3) The majority of study programs have just recently understand about green social work or other relevant environmental-perspectives and its significance for social work education and practice in the country. Yet, only a few of them have developed courses that particularly teach a green social work perspective and encouraged research on such topics. The teaching mainly focused on knowledge and attitude dimensions and since the integration with field practice is almost absent, the students are equipped with very limited practical skills. 4)The lack of institutional capacities, institutional-based restriction in curriculum development, lack of networking for benchmarking and limited attention from social work education’s association are cited as challenges and barriers to promote the teaching of green social work in Indonesia.