Tiffany Oscar  (The Washington Home )


Topic: Self Care Isn’t Selfish
Language: English 


This workshop focuses on the importance of incorporating self-care into your professional practice as a social worker. For many social workers, the professional persona encourages you to put the client’s needs first, whether the client is an individual, program or organization. This desire can sometimes create an internal conflict where the social worker feels like they must sacrifice their personal health and wellbeing in order to be a “good social worker.” Since the pandemic, the growing mental health crisis and the shortage of mental health workers have brought this internal conflict front and center.
The saying “Self Care Isn’t Selfish,” has become more like a slogan to encourage and normalize the need to take time for yourself. Despite knowing the benefits of self-care, many people, including social workers struggle, with feeling guilty or selfish when they practice self-care. In this workshop, you will learn how to use self-care as a tool to support not only the social worker, but their client.