Rosario González-Arias  (Universidad de Oviedo )


Juan López-Morales (Universidad de Granada)
M. Aránzazu Fernández-Rodríguez (Universidad de Oviedo)
Topic: Digitality as an opportunity and challenge for another type of social intervention: innovating through ICT and AI
Language: English 


These paper addresses a reflection on digital innovation applied to the field of Social Work and Social Services. Specifically, we show the contributions offered in this field by information and communication technologies (ICT) as well as artificial intelligence (AI), providing some keys for its implementation, but without forgetting the challenges that such technological tools contain in the current context. The analysis around both issues incorporates some data obtained from our participation in the research project “EDIFEM: DIgital FEMinist Ethnography in recreational spaces where drugs are used and abused among young people” (State Research Agency PID2019-105122RB- I00). One of the objectives set out in this project has been to ethnograph the Instagram social network to understand from a gender perspective its relation with alcohol consumption and violent behavior in young people. The results of this research have notable implications for social intervention by highlighting the need to consider new contexts and tools for prevention. In this line, we consider that digital innovation through ICT and AI can also be a useful strategy to work on youth leisure in this preventive key, both to promote egalitarian and non-violent gender relations and to reduce the consumption of alcohol or other drugs.