Adéla Mojžíšová (University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences )

(Czech Republic)

Topic: Platform for exchange of experiences in the field of health and social community care in the South Bohemia Region and Eastern Bavaria
Language: English 


The aim of the contribution at the international conference will be to present the project Cross-border platform for exchange of experience in the field of health and social community care in the area of interest of the South Bohemia Region and Eastern Bavaria. The issue of community care in the cross-border areas of the South Bohemian Region and Bavaria offers a great scope for cooperation between social and health service professionals. The University of South Bohemia in cooperation with the Technische Hochschule Deggendorf submitted a project to the Call for proposals of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Czech Republic – Free State of Bavaria Objective EUS-Interreg, which is aimed at networking and building a platform that will provide a space for mutual exchange of experience between experts from both countries. The created cross-border platform will be a supporting tool for providing multidisciplinary professional support to clients and their families in the home environment using the case management method. Significant support will be directed towards the involvement of communities in the care provided, including informal carers. The platform will support new assistive technologies and their implementation to enable clients to remain safely at home. Case management as a method will provide a space for the multidisciplinary team to plan and coordinate the care of clients in the home environment through a professional case manager. The authors of this paper believe that this role should be fulfilled by a social worker. The authors consider the most important benefit of the project to be the joint development of existing and new concepts of care in the context of cross-border areas.