Merve Karaman (Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Türkiye )


Fatih Cebeci, Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Türkiye;
Irmak Atak, Ministry of Family and Social Services Türkiye;
Taner Artan, Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Türkiye

Topic: Evaluation of the Supervision Needs of Social Workers Working in Türkiye
Language: English 


Objective: This study aims at determining social work supervision needs of social workers working in various social work institutions in Türkiye.
Materials and Methods: The study used a phenomenological approach as a qualitative research method. The study was conducted in order to explore the working experiences of social workers in their workplaces. Two focus group interviews, each consisting of six social workers, were conducted with 12 social workers working in different social work fields. Data collection tools consisted of a “Personal Information Form” and a “Semi-structured Interview Form”. Data were analyzed with thematic analysis method using the MAXQDA 2020 program.
Results: The analysis of the study were based on social workers’ opinions on supervision and their experiences about administrative, educational and supportive functions of supervision. The results revealed that there is a need for supervision at the institutional level for the social workers.
Conclusion: With the light of the research, it was suggested for the employer institutions and organizations to establish a formal, structured, institutional and systematic supervision system for social workers.