Alex(Xi) Wang (Asian Family Services)

(New Zealand)
Topic: Implementation of “Integrated primary mental health and addiction Model in New Zealand for Asian Migrants
Language: English 


This presentation aims to introduce a model currently implemented in New Zealand for mental health early intervention and prevention and to raise awareness of how it can be adapted to the cultural context.

The model called -“Integrated primary mental health and addiction Model” is designed to provide rapid, targeted brief intervention to people who are experiencing mental distress or who need behavioural advice and support. The three new roles – HIPs, Health Coaches and Awhi Ora Community Support Workers – make up the model of care. The presentation will draw a real picture of this model to introduce what are the three roles, how they integrated into the general practice and how they collaborate to achieve their goal. The assessment and evaluation tools will be introduced. This presentation will present from a cultural lens which is focused on the implementation of this model for Asian Migrants in New Zealand who has low mental health services access rate and unique help-seeking behaviour. The relevant research data will be presented and some observations and findings on the challenges and barriers a local Asian agency that runs this service experienced will be presented. From their real experience and considering the high Asian population (15%) some of the methods are not culturally appropriate and some of the information and support is lacking.