Ruth Stark (Safeguarder/Independent social worker)


Topic: Leaderful communities – co-building a sustainable world

Language: English 


Kellie Doubtfire Publisher, Social Work Today/Compass (England)

David Grimm Student Social Worker/expert through experience (Scotland)

Ruth Stark Social Worker (Scotland)/Chief Ya Bomposeh Kunk Bana 3rd (Sierra Leone


This workshop takes us on a journey through time. Pleas come and join us in our Tardis.

In 2022 the People’s Charter emerged from the global summit, Co-building a New Eco-Social World. It recognises the strength of change rooted with people locally, in leaderful communities.

We will share knowledge from people who have demonstrated in their practice across, health, social work, education, commerce, conflict zones, social protection and in our communities, how we can together co-build peaceful, just, ethical environments.

This is an interactive session where we hope that everyone will be able to take away energy for creating, co-designing and co-building within our own communities, new ways of working together leaving no-one behind.