Birthe Povlsen (DASW/IFSW)


Topic: “How to work as a social worker for the implementation of the EU Commission`s recommendation on minimum income in your country.”

Language: English 


As part of the anti-poverty network – EAPN, we would like to present their work on a toolkit for advocacy toward Minimum Income and discuss how we as social workers’ organizations, or as individual social workers, can be engaged and involved in implementing the EU recommendations on minimum income in the national level.

As part of the EPSR Action Plan, the EU Commission presented the proposal for a Council Recommendation on Adequate Minimum Income ensuring active inclusion. The Council of the European Union reached a political agreement in December 2022. The proposal’s text stems from the need to improve and harmonize the current Minimum income schemes (MIS) in the European Union. Today, all EU Member States have MIS in place; however, their design varies from one country to another. The Council Recommendation aims at coordinating and providing standards for MIS to ensure a decent life at all stages of life by providing adequate income support -through Minimum Income- and effective access to enabling and essential services.