Jon Fredrik Hartvedt (FO-fellesorganisasjonen- Tau skole, Strand kommune)


Topic: Team Willage – How to implement social work competence in schools

Language: English 


Schools, public health nurses, ppt and child welfare services in Strand Municipalities experience that there has been an increase in the last two years in students with involuntary school absence. It is also reported from said services that these challenges are expressed in younger children than before. Public health nurses report

Among other things, about challenges that previously appeared on Lower secondary school is now expressed in students as young as middle school. At the same time, the municipality is experiencing challenges with youngsters who in their spare time engage in vandalism. Strand municipality therefore wants to try out a new way of working made around the vulnerable children at, at one of our primary schools,

Tau School. We want to create a team that will consist of environmental therapists who don’t just follow up on the rivers at school, But also in your spare time and at home. A key point here is that it is often not enough to coordinate only to be able to give correctly help at the right time, it’s equally important with relationship building at across the arenas.

We would therefore like to present : Our Village team

The aim of the project is to prevent involuntary school absence Strengthen the municipality within the roles that in turn can lead to school dropout by young people dropping out of upper secondary school. Research shows that in the long term, one of the biggest protective factors against exclusion in adult life is completing upper secondary education. It is therefore important to ensure inclusion and prevent exclusion in a broad sense. More people have to work, and the way to get there is through primary and secondary school.