Mary Affee (Horizon Integrated Wellness Group, PPLC)

(United States)

Topic:  Creative Counseling Techniques: Using Creative Arts to Promote Client Self-Efficacy and Resilience

Thematic area: (Mental) Health and Social Work

Language: English 


The COVID-19 pandemic had many mental health providers working virtually through
telehealth services. Today, many professionals continue to use a hybrid approach for engaging clients. With the prevalence of our mental health crisis, therapists’ burnout can add to the ongoing pressure felt by many professionals providing both face to face and virtual therapeutic services online. Integrating creative and expressive art techniques can bolster therapeutic rapport and connection to deepen
the healing experience of traditional “talk therapy”.Join us in a unique 2-hour experiential and interactive workshop where you will learn to use creative interventions in both virtual and face to face therapy sessions. Attendees will be actively engaged and will leave the workshop with creative techniques that can be applied and modified across diagnoses, populations, ages, and situations.