Maitane Vicente Mariño (COTSG  – Colexio Oficial de Traballo Social)

Topic: Saying No. A Journey Through Emotional Boundaries and Their Management in Social Work

Thematic area: New Models and Methods in Social Work
Language: English 


In this workshop, we will work to learn to set limits and say no within our professional activity.
Why is it important to learn to set limits?
Setting boundaries within social work is important because:– We work with people creating relationships in a professional intimacy
– The limits of our work are not always well defined
– The high rate of anxiety and stress among professionals related to the job
– The high emotional burden of our work
– Saying No as Self-Care
– Saying No to Deal with Welfare
– Saying No to Healthy Communication in the Workplace
– The importance of saying no from a gender perspective, related to the feminization of our work
What is the workshop about?
The workshop deals with participatory practices in which we will work on our own and external limits, we will work around the no and we will work on conflict resolution, with examples and group dynamics.