The Minister of Social Work in the Czech Republic

Mr. Marián Jureka

A presentation by the Minister of Social Work in the Czech Republic, Marián Jureka, will be given at the opening of the European Conference on Social Work 2023.

The Minister will present the importance of social work in the Czech Republic’s social policy.

The Ministry of Social Work promotes an attitude of importance to the social worker profession by cooperating with various associations. It also supports the profession’s autonomy by starting the preparation of a professional law on social workers.

The primary ambition of the law is the legislative provision of social work across all resorts where it is currently performed. The ministry wants to support Czech social work in its full participation in European cooperation in managing the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the refugee crisis caused by the war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

The minister expresses the importance of social work in and for society and the role of Czech social workers in the Czech Republic.