Michael Rasell 

Building responsive social services to ensure that no one is left behind

Michael Rasell is University Lecturer at the Department of Educational Sciences, University of Innsbruck, Austria. His research and project interests focus on disability rights, participation in social services and international social work.
Michael leads the EU-funded research and innovation project “Increasing responsiveness to citizen voice in social services across Europe” (RESPONSIVE) together with IFSW Europe and a network of social services, non-governmental organisations and universities. This project runs from 2023-2025 and aims to increase the impact of service user participation in the design and implementation of social services.
Past projects include a research study to improve support for Polish migrant women facing domestic abuse in the United Kingdom and coordination of the Erasmus Mundus Master “Advanced Development in Social Work”, designed for experienced social workers who wish to upgrade their practice skills with a transnational focus. Michael is also a trustee of the British charity BEARR, which supports civil society organisations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to tackle social and health issues.
Increasing responsiveness to citizen voice in social services across Europe (RESPONSIVE), https://www.responsive-europe.eu  
Supporting Polish women victims of domestic abuse in the UK, https://dvsupport.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk/
BEARR Trust, https://bearr.org/