Petra Hamerníková (Director), Lucie Šídová  (Executive Director)


Co-author: Petra Hamerníková, DiS. (Director Education)
Topic: How to implement work with sexuality in social, education and health services in a practical and systematic way.
Language: English 


There is a lot of uncertainty about sexuality and relationships on the part of the staff in the facilities. They do not know how to act in this area, what is their competence and what is not, they are not sure how to act in certain situations, where are their boundaries of work in the sphere of sexuality and relationships.
For two years we have been implementing the ESF project Systemic Implementation of Sexuality Work, which was concerned with finding an appropriate system of work for integrating sexuality in social, educational and health care facilities.
We tried to find the most appropriate model that would make it easier for these facilities to introduce work with sexuality to become a regular part of social, educational and health facilities.

We used the Human centered design (HCD) method, or in Czech a user-centered approach. “This method is first interested in the person and his/her needs and based on that creates new services or tools that can help these people and will respect the free will of the clients and work to allow them to live according to their preferences without having to adapt to e.g. solutions and standardized services.

The aim of our presentation is to introduce this tool for the systemic implementation of work with sexuality and relationships and to provide the participants of the workshop an opportunity to practice e.g. mapping the needs of the organisation’s team, identifying the sexuality and relationship needs of the target group or the distribution of sexuality and relationship competences in the work team.