Amelyn Laro  (Southern Philppines Agribusiness Marine and Aquatic School of Technology/International Sustainable Academy)


Co-author: Moises Torrentira – University of Southeastern Philippines Mintal Campus
Topic: The Practice of Green Social Work in the Context of Protected Areas in the Philippines: Input for Curriculum Development
Language: English 


Since human wellbeing clearly depends on the environment, the part of the environment in social work’s mission and scope ought to be a critical issue. Social work should also highlight the relevance of the environment and the significant roles that social workers play in the advocacy and protection of the environment such as the protected areas. The basis of this paper therefore anchors on the interlinkages of the social work profession with green social work practice or the eco-social work paradigm. Utilizing literature review, this paper discussed the importance of protected areas and their conservation in the practice of green social work in the Philippines. The findings of the analysis were considered as important inputs for the enhancement of curriculum of social programs in the Philippines by integrating the green social work paradigm in the course offerings.