Nur Atikah Mohamed Hussin (Tampere University)


Topic: Social work multidisciplinary approaches to assist Finnish Bereaved Parents

Language: English 


Social workers play a crucial role in helping vulnerable populations. This includes providing help for bereaved parents who experience the death of their child. Bereavement after the death of a child can be complicated and prolonged. Bereaved parents are at risk of developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and committing suicide.
The presentation will describe how Participatory Action Research (PAR) was conducted among bereaved parents and bereavement experts to develop an online bereavement support system. This qualitative research will include approximately 40 bereaved parents and 30 bereavement experts. Participants will be interviewed. Thematic analysis will be used to analyze the data.
The data will be utilized to develop an online bereavement support application to assist bereaved parents throughout their bereavement journey. The purpose of this presentation is to empower existing social work practice to find multidisciplinary methods to help bereaved parents improve their health and well-being.