Kath Khangpiboon (Department of Social Work Faculty of Social Administration Thammasat University )


Topic: Social work and social media use for transgender people
Language: English 


This study aims to establish social media recommendations for social workers. Proposed of this study is for social workers working with the digital platform for transgender who is the client. The study found principles for setting practice in social media for social workers, including digital literacy and social work ethics, such as gender sensitivity, stigma, and cyberbullying. Social workers must obey principles to intercommunicate successfully and ethically with clients and interdisciplinary teams. Thailand Council of Social Work Professions has delivered regulations for public communication for social work professionals about information collecting and case studies from the core working group. However, social workers should be aware of social media’s potential advantages and disadvantages in serving transgender clients. Account e-Professionalism is vital for social workers because it helps them analyse ethical concerns in digital conditions. Furthermore, digital technology and social media use are ethical and accountable.