Gabriele Stark-Angermeier (DBSH – Deutscher Berufsverband für Soziale Arbeit)


Topic: First contact at Munich Central Station at the Infopoint – Welcome culture – a reflection

Language: English 


In a few hours, in the last days of February 2022, the main railway station will again be a hub for people coming from abroad, this time from Ukraine at the beginning of the war. Very quickly, social workers organise colleagues who speak the mother tongue Ukrainian to welcome the people to the city and create a place to catch their breath and rest.

With a lot of practical help and many conversations, all these people are helped to continue their journey, to stay in the city, to find a place to stay. Now a year has passed. The Infopoint is still an information point, but hardly used. The facilities are being returned to the social organisation of the city of Munich.

In the workshop I would like to reflect on the form of a “breathing organisation” – building up and dismantling social work and exchange ideas.

It is about organising methods and about political actions of social work. Accompanying work with and for migrants is always political social work.