Jennifer Martin (Federation University Australia)


Topic: Housing Affordability: A Snapshot of Future Aspirations of Low-and-Middle Income Tenants in Victoria, Australia

George Earl, Federation University Australia; Eduardo Roca, Griffith University Australia; Benjamin Liu, Griffith University Australia; Prabath Morawakage, Griffith University Australia

Thematic area: Threats to Human Rights in Relation to the Delivery of Social Services

Language: English 


Safe, secure and affordable housing is a basic human right. However, housing affordability and home ownership is now beyond the reach of many young people worldwide with numerous solutions being offered including various housing schemes and financial and taxation incentives. The research design is exploratory employing both quantitative and qualitative methods. A narrative approach is used to produce a snapshot of current and future housing aspirations from the perspective of low-and-middle income renters, currently in government subsidised rental accommodation.
Questions focus on housing and homeownership aspirations, the built and social environment, income-security, and views on shared equity homeownership. Thematic analysis is used to identify main themes arising from the data that highlight the relationship between housing, income security, health and wellbeing, community and overall quality of life.