Gigi Tsontos (LCSW MPA)


Topic: Leadership Coaching in Social Work Development

Thematic area: 

  • Professionalisation of Social Work
  • New Models and Methods in Social Work
Language: English 


The field of social work has long held the importance of professional integrity, social workers promoting peace, nonviolence, holding required qualifications and competencies, taking responsibility to care for themselves and to work with integrity are integral to the field. Ensuring these competencies and practices social workers must invest in continued education and development. As the practice of coaching has expanded it’s role in the field becomes increasingly important.

The coaching role assists the social work to develop awareness and gain insight providing a link to self in practice that is missing in traditional education or ongoing practice. Specifically in leadership the social work profession must work toward leadership throughout organizations and systems.

This workshop will explore the role of the coach in social work development, review key coaching skills and the link to social work practice, and review research on the benefits of coaching.