Rosa Gomez Trenado (FIIBAP)


Barrio Cortes J.,(FIIBAP) Gil Salmerón A. (IFIC), Gómez Gascón T. (FIIBAP), Grabovac I.(Viena UNIVERSITY), Rico Varadé M. DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL POLICY OF MADRID, Cancerless Collaborative Group

Topic: Guaranteeing the Health Care Rights of Homeless People: The Cancerless Pilot Project – Early Detection of Cancer

Thematic area: Threats to Human Rights in Relation to the Delivery of Social Services

Language: English 


Homeless people in Europe have an average lifespan 30 years less than the general population. Cancer mortality is twice as high.
There is an urgent need for interventions to improve their access to the right to health.

– Sample of 400 homeless people over 18 years of age and in the resources of the Madrid Social Care Network.
– Ex-post facto quantitative and qualitative analysis.
– CFIR and RE-AIM frameworks for implementation evaluation
– The variables studied will be clinical, treatment, administrative, social determinants of access to health, social exclusion, promotion of autonomy, relational adherence processes with social intervention methodology.

– Develop a care model co-designed with homeless people and health and social professionals based on the Patient Navigation and Patient Empowerment model.
-Establish social intervention methodologies to achieve comprehensive and integrated care for homeless people as a guarantee of rights, reducing the barriers identified.

– Detection and quantification of barriers to access to the health system (Tanahashi model of service coverage).
– Type(s) of action(s) developed to reduce barriers.
– Health rights achievements.
– Typology of social interventions designed and social work techniques.

– CANCERLESS will provide integrated and comprehensive services of proven effectiveness to facilitate access to cancer prevention and screening services through the use of social intervention methodologies for the guarantee of rights by means of:
o A new model of care for homeless people.
o The return of proactive working protocols that define the framework for social and health action.
o An information system to identify the social determinants of access to health.